Welcome to my website

Herewood GabrielHere you will find my paintings, storytelling cards, sculptures, lanterns, up and coming workshops, performances and events. Also the latest on The Elemental Archetypes. My late teacher The Venerable Anelog’s (Tammo de Jongh) book: ‘Natural Psychology, A Model of Man based on the Four Elelments’, is now¬†available. Please click HERE to see more.

I have categorised my paintings into three groups to make it easier to find particular images.

Leopard Queen

Birds and Animals


People and Beings

Places and Abstract

Places and Abstract



There is now a shop facility, so you can buy online if you wish.

This is my latest Giant Lantern: 

Click HERE to watch the video clip.

Angel Lantern


Click on the link below for another video clip:

Seahorse Lantern

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